Throughout New York, although primarily in Brooklyn, street artists have been flooding the scene with some of the most breathtaking, captivating works of art you’ll ever see. These artists, hailing from all across the globe, have been enlisted to beautify everything from storefronts and old brick walls all the way up to entire buildings! Here’s a look at 10 street artists who have helped change the game, marking the rebirth of New York street art. Eelco ‘Virus’ van den Berg is a multidisciplinary street artist hailing from The Netherlands. Having attainted worldwide popularity, he has been enlisted to portray his beautiful art in Brooklyn time and time again. His distinctive style draws inspiration from ‘the hip hop virus’ as he calls it, which refers primarily to the emergence of graffiti. His style evokes the folkloric and the graffuturist and 3-d modeling all in one – this illustrator, painter, graffitist is certainly making impression with his aerosol……


10 most talented street artists in New York


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