Light art takes over the Rijksmuseum by night

Largest light art portrait at the Rijksmuseum. Upload portrait photo and become the top piece of Philips ‘ Night exhibition ‘ Amsterdam, Netherlands – starting from March 25, Philips at the Rijksmuseum organises a special Night ‘ exhibition ‘. The exhibition consists entirely of painted portraits with light, as a tribute to the unparalleled master of the light, Rembrandt. Rembrandt was a grand master in light that looked further than his contemporaries. The contemporary possibilities of LED, evident in the immense portraits of the ‘ night of the exhibition ‘, composed by light painter Eelco van den Berg. ‘ I like to play with bright colors interspersed with dark, earthy tones. Just as in the works of Rembrandt, plays the contrast between light and dark for me a very important role; It gives intensity to the work of art ‘, says van den Berg.